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Opis dela

The iOS Backup client team is responsible for one of the most important services on iOS enabling hundreds of millions of Apple devices to store photos, videos and app data on iCloud. We work closely with other client and server teams to provide the best user experience possible across all Apple products. We’re looking for engineers passionate about building reliable and scalable software.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong programming skills, preferably in C, Objective-C or Swift
  • Ability to write performant and correct multi-threaded code
  • Experience diagnosing and fixing performance problems


We work on the client side of the iCloud service, building the daemons and frameworks required for backing up iOS data.


Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent

Additional Requirements

IN THIS ROLE YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING FROM: You will work multi-functionally with the server and other client teams on designing, building and releasing solutions at scale Client/server protocol design Investigate performance improvements across the stack You will join a hands-on development team that fosters creativity and generates novel solutions to deliver engineering excellence. 
THE CHALLENGES INCLUDE: Scalability – hundreds of millions of users rely on this service to backup their data Reliability – designing robust systems that recover from failures Power and performance – critical at this scale, both in the number of users and in the volume of data per user Be ready to make something great when you come here. Dynamic, inspiring people and innovative, industry-defining technologies are the norm at Apple. The people who work here have reinvented and defined entire industries with our products and services. The same passion for innovation also applies to our business practices – strengthening our commitment to leave the world better than we found it. You should join the iCloud Backup team if you want to help deliver the next amazing Apple product.

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